Do you provide office cleaning?2019-12-09T05:43:46+08:00

Yes! we do provide office cleaning, since every business varies you may have to write in to us at info@clean.sg or fill up form here.

Is Clean on Demand legal?2019-12-09T05:41:19+08:00

Yes! we are register with ACRA, and our NEA Licence Number: NEA190648/5368X/N01

After cleaning if I am not satisfied with the results, what should I do?2019-12-17T23:16:26+08:00

If we have not delivered what we had promised, please talk to us and we will offer another service free or arrange a full refund. For more info you may read our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

How can I Register?2019-12-09T05:35:48+08:00

After downloading and installing of the app. You can register at the time of your first booking. After a successful booking you will receive a confirmation email.

How is Clean on Demand different from a cleaning company?2019-12-09T05:36:25+08:00

Clean on Demand operates its operation/ booking via App and it is track able once we had confirm your cleaner. The hourly rates are transparently presented on our mobile app. No more waiting on quotes. No hidden costs.

How does Clean on Demand works?2019-12-09T05:36:14+08:00

clean.sg is an online platform. We connect our website users with only reliable cleaners. You can make a booking for a one-off cleaning in three easy steps:

  1. Enter your location
  2. Make an appointment
  3. Pay securely online
Who are your cleaners?2019-12-09T05:36:03+08:00

Our cleaners are 100% in-house which means they had gone thru rigious check before they are getting employed.

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