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Kitchen Appliance Cleaning Service

kitchen Appliances
Keeps Your Kitchen Clean
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  • Professionally-trained Experts

    • A 50-strong House Specialist service team
    • Well-trained to handle stringent process the professional way
  • Fully-equipped for efficiency

    • Efficient and safe cleaning agent
    • Steam-sterilisation at 130oC
  • Comprehensive Procedure

    • Strict S.O.P. for cleaning and sanitising

Culinary Delights Without Grease & Stains

Cooking for your loved ones may be a delight but cleaning up afterwards can be a nuisance. If you do not clean your hob and hood, stove, oven, and microwave oven often enough, they may:

You should have your kitchen appliances professionally cleaned if:

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Most Frequent Questions

Will my microwave oven and conventional oven be damaged if you spray the cleaning agent inside the cavity?2020-10-23T15:51:41+08:00

No, our cleaning agent is biodegradable, non-toxic and non-corrosive.

Is your cleaning agent safe?2020-10-23T15:50:30+08:00

Yes, our cleaning agent is made of food-grade ingredients.

Which parts of the kitchen appliances will you clean?2020-10-23T15:48:11+08:00
  • We will clean all parts near your kitchen basin.
  • For a cooking hob or gas stove, we will clean the burner caps and grates.
  • For a range hood, we will clean the oil cup, grease filter and front cover.
  • For a microwave oven, we will clean the cavity, rack and turntable glass tray.
  • For an oven, we will clean the cavity, rack(s) and hidden bake tray.
How long does the whole service take?2020-10-23T15:46:30+08:00

This Kitchen appliances cleaning service takes a minimum duration of 90 minutes.

Do you clean under the stove too?2020-10-23T15:45:05+08:00

Yes, we will use a cleaning agent to remove the grease and stains under the stove.

What are the kitchen appliances covered under Clean On Demand Kitchen Appliance Cleaning Service?2020-10-23T15:44:05+08:00
  • Cooking Hob/Gas Stove
  • Range Hood
  • Microwave Oven
  • Oven
Can my kitchen appliances be used right after the service?2020-10-23T15:41:08+08:00

Yes, you may use your kitchen appliances right after the cleaning service.

If I would like to add on any services during the other service sessions, is there any limitations on the services I can add on?2020-10-23T15:39:36+08:00

No, there are no limitations. You can choose to add on as many services as you need during each service session.

Will the steam sterilisation damage my kitchen appliances?2020-10-23T15:37:53+08:00

No. That said, our steam sterilisation which ranges between 100oC and 130oC can eliminate all microbes.

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