Customer's FAQ

Do you provide office cleaning?


Yes! we do provide office cleaning, since every business varies you may have to

Do you provide office cleaning?2019-12-09T05:43:46+08:00

Is Clean on Demand legal?


Yes! we are register with ACRA, and our NEA Licence Number: NEA190648/5368X/N01

Is Clean on Demand legal?2019-12-09T05:41:19+08:00

How can I Register?


After downloading and installing of the app. You can register at the time of

How can I Register?2019-12-09T05:35:48+08:00

How does Clean on Demand works?

2019-12-09T05:36:14+08:00 is an online platform. We connect our website users with only reliable cleaners.

How does Clean on Demand works?2019-12-09T05:36:14+08:00

Who are your cleaners?


Our cleaners are 100% in-house which means they had gone thru rigious check before

Who are your cleaners?2019-12-09T05:36:03+08:00
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